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I will tell you in response to my story, my experience and emotions I want to convey through my creations.
I am a girl of Brescia (Italy) and my passion for the world of fashion is born from childhood. I enjoyed working with the fabric, creating clothes of my own fantasies and, in that way, to feel as a queen.

Thanks to my passion I decided from the outset my way: I knew that what I wanted was to turn my passion into a real job. So, I decided to attend the vocational high school “MARIANO FORTUNY”, specialized in the development of women's clothing.

During the 5 years preceding the diploma, so I had to learn the fine art of Italian tailoring, the fashion design and the design of the capsule collection.
I graduated in 2013 with honors, and later on I attended the University NABA in Milan, address of fashion design.



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Have been 3 intense years which have allowed me to create the foundations of what today is my know-how. I have learned to work in team with co-workers, manage time and resources required for the projects. I've had to face many difficulties and this has enabled me to develop a tendency to problem-solving. I learned how to develop collections and accessories with unique styles and innovative.

I started working a few months before my degree as a teacher of modelling and packaging within the scope of the project the Ministerial reintegration of adult prisoners into Society.

I graduated with honors in February 2016 and shortly after I found out I was expecting a child. During the pregnancy I did not want to stop my passions, in fact, I participated in a contest where I came into the final with a creation of mine (italian fashion talent award).
After the period of maternity leave, I returned to teach in the high school where I graduated and where I teach still today. This for me was very important because it has allowed me to return to my roots and acquire new impetus and vigor to achieve my dreams of youth.

By December 2018, I started to develop partnerships and to find suppliers for my own creations that currently I sell on Etsy and on my web site
I sold online a number of pretty good products and this gave me a better charge, and trust in myself and in my abilities.

IMOANA is my trademark by which I am in charge of shoes, handbags and clothing.
The name comes from my name upside down and with a To more. It is a fundamental element for the message that conveys the brand: IMO (below), and ANA(above) and, therefore, over-under, exactly like my name Naomi that bed, under-the above consists imoan.
Therefore, the “story”that I want to tell with my products is a kind of reversal, reversal of normality. To do this I combined with the modeling of my other passions, that is, printing on fabric, and illustration. The feeling which must inspire my work to a client is surprise, surprise... should remain transfixed, almost breathless because of the peculiarity that I propose.

IMOANA tells all that I am, indeed I am IMOANA.

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